100 Strangers, 100 Days

Reaching out… beyond the silence… beyond the hello…

Beyond a nod and the hello

Since grad school, I have been absolutely fascinated by relationships and connections — pre-empted or serendipitous. I have met so many fascinating people — learning everyone has a wonderful story. However, those stories are often hidden in plain sight. We encounter people everyday, but busily scurry by… never uncovering the brilliance of supposed “strangers”.

So for the next 100 days, I am embarking on a project — no, a JOURNEY! — to meet 100 strangers. One per day. No clear rules other than asking questions to learn more about them. I’ll rely on my everyday life to illustrate the stories of the everyday person.

This project is dedicated to the incredible people I have met, and to inspire everyone to take a moment and meet a stranger. Go beyond a head nod, a smile, and a simple hello. Make a connection.

Changing the World for the Greater Through Entrepreneurial Endeavors

About me

I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a weight-lifter. I’m a yoga enthusiast. I’m a blogger and an author. I’m a marketer and a seller. I’m a dreamer. I’m a doer.

And perhaps above all, I’m curious, and I’m fascinated by the everyday. I take on challenging and “interesting” projects because I have questions, and I want answers. I love to teach, and I love to share.

Follow my journey, and I hope I inspire your own.

Thoughts Along The Journey

Meet The Strangers

Want to start from the beginning? See how the journey evolves 1 Stranger, 1 Day at a time. Click here to meet the very first…

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