Stranger 6, Day 6 – Meet Bridgett, the “CrossFitting Bro…?”

Stranger 6, Day 6 - Meet Bridgett

Give me 10 minutes so I can walk into ATV, and I’m happily greeted by Kelly-Ann of ATV’s staff — one of the nicest, most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet. In fact, she’s interrupted her conversation with an equally energetic friend just to say hi. Having never met this friend, it only made sense for me to ask, “hmm, I wonder if you should be my Stranger for the day?”

As you can imagine, that question draws a “WTF?” look from her, and so I explain this journey. She cautiously and yet excitedly (didn’t know that was possible, but she pulled it off) accepts.

Meet Bridgett, 31

Who are you?

First, before I actually ask this question, Bridgett’s got loads of energy. Odd, too, because even though we were at Octane and she did NOT order coffeee, she’s got this energy. She even admits she hadn’t had her pre-workout, yet, either. (I knew she’d be interesting.)

She starts out, “easiest way… faith, family , fitness, and finance.”

If you’re like me, you’re going, “huh? Finance?” (Maybe she just needed something to fit the alliteration.)

She explains how her degree was in Accounting, and she enjoys what she does now at a financial management startup as the Director of Development and Partnerships.

What are your passions? Dreams?

“Have to build on my faith… foundation of my life.”

Then, Bridgett continues into fitness… “Gym everyday for 1-2 hours”, and if she wasn’t at the gym, she’d be at a lake or in Denver in the mountains. Either way, Bridgett was passionate about an active life. She recalls her years before when she was not healthy describing that period as simply, “terrible”, including discovering she had hypertension before she was even 30.

Now, she’s a die-hard CrossFitter proudly claiming if she were to go to LA Fitness, they’d “kick me out”. In fact, she happily calls herself a CrossFit “Bro”.

Her other passions include:

  • Giving back and supporting other people. In fact, she sees her role and the company she works for as a way of helping others through helping small businesses and startups thrive.
  • Die-hard Kentucky fan. She will indeed jump on a table during a game and root for alma mater. I do not doubt her.

What was your biggest regret?

At this point, I ask this question like a restaurant server asks questions — as she takes a big bite of her bagel.

She struggles to swallow, but smiles cheeks full before answering.

“Wish I went away further for school.” For Bridgett, she was born and raised in Kentucky, and stuck around for college. She wished she had gone further away to explore life more. However, like David from yesterday, Bridgett appreciates all the many opportunities she’s had. They all “snowball into what I have/ am now.”

She includes her past failed marriage at a young age as part of that snowball that has given her a “perception of life peers don’t have.”

What is a Life Lesson you’d like to share?

Bridgett ponders this one for a moment. I can see so far that she’s a thinker… well, she’s actually probably more of a doer first, thinker second. This could be why she takes time to put her words together. She’s accustomed to making things happen.

“Ability to step out of your bubble… see from other people’s perspective… be a good person… being good to people is more important than [achieving things for yourself]…”

It’s like a revelation to Bridgett now as she continues to think down this path of doing good by and to others. She excitedly and matter-of-factly says how being good to other people requires “zero effort, zero talent to be nice”.

What was your Life-Defining Moment?

This was a bit of a quick one for Bridgett. She shared with me a couple who she met in college who was friends with her ex-husband. She recalls how the husband/ boyfriend was deployed to Iraq on tour, and was sadly, killed in action. The saddest part was that the couple were expecting a boy. She was 7-months pregnant at the time.

I look at Bridgett, and she staring off smiling as she shares how wonderful the little boy is. She has watched him grow up, and he’s a splitting image of his father. Bridgett and the mother weren’t all that close before, but after the father’s day, they became great friends.

The event made Bridgett take a hard look at everything. It was “real life”. It raised her awareness to ask, “what do I value?”

So now, every so often, Bridgett does a 360-degree review of herself — “Where am I now? Where does I want to be? Why I am not there? How do I get there?… Actions are greater than words.”

What is “true happiness”? (Thanks to David, Stranger 5)

After thinking about this for a moment, Bridgett admitted she didn’t know how to put her thoughts into words.

She shared how she’s “in peace” during her “daily devotionals” and in the “middle of workout when I’m dying” and “playing with niece and nephew”.

She continues to explain to me how she’s at peace and happy when she’s observing others being happy. She comments how she’s happy when “others around me are happy”.

She might not have said it explicitly, but the way she describes her peaceful, happy moments is actually quite descriptive. For Bridgett, her “true happiness” is living in the moment of the things she is most passionate about, specifically her faith, fitness, and family.

What’s something random about you you’d like to share?

“I’ve pig-wrestled!” and perhaps the most shocking, “I don’t have an Amazon account, and have never ordered anything from there.” She says this almost guiltily as she, too, realizes she’s at ATV where you can find Amazoners EVERYWHERE and even Amazon Dash buttons that have been hacked to serve some other purpose.

What would you like to ask tomorrow’s Stranger?

“What was the last random act of kindness you did?”

After the handshake.

I enjoyed my time getting to know Bridgett. Beyond her energetic, athletic persona is a confident, caring individual that I can’t wait to run into more at Atlanta Tech Village. I’m curious about other stories she’s got beyond her defining moments and pig-wrestling forays.

I’m also fascinated by how her company has a great sense of purpose ingrained in its culture that Bridgett, too, has a strong pull towards. Perhaps this is influenced by the book I’m currently reading — Simon Sinek’s Start with Why.

So meet Bridgett. No longer a Stranger.

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