Stranger 13, Day 13 – Meet Chandler, the “Wu-Tang Mentor”

Stranger 13, Day 13 - Meet Chandler

Everyday, you probably walk by a security guard at the office. Do you know his name? Do you know much about him? Well, I do. Okay, I know at least one of them. There’s a new security guard at Atlanta Tech Village, and today, my Stranger project was going to be how I was going to get know him.

Meet Chandler, 27

Who are you?

“Tall black guy… Taurus… like pina coladas… love beautiful women.” Hahaha, I laugh at this. “Gotta put that in.”

The pina coladas threw me off, and the beautiful women was just pure honest.

Chandler goes on to tell me how he likes “nice” features like cute noses, smiles, and (he stresses this) “OF COURSE THE CURVES!”

What are your passions? Dreams?

“Be successful… not have to struggle through life… to have a big family.”

I asked Chandler to elaborate on what “success” meant to which he responded, “when your yes means yes, and your no means no. To be able to run your own life.”

To this, he stresses the ability to be able to work so that his family doesn’t have to.

What is your biggest regret?

“Should’ve never went to that military college!” Chandler shares as he smiles and shakes his head.

He shares how he had to be a cadet in order to play football. This means Chandler had to take on the many responsibilities as a cadet like community service, classes, and the military instructions in addition to the responsibilities of being a football player like “muscle failure at 5:45AM then weights at 645AM until 815AM.” He laughs at this as he reflects on this.

“I wasn’t always this big… I used to be chiseled.”

But as he looks back at the military school, Chandler also shares how he met some of his best friends from the school. Not all is bad!

What is a Life Lesson you’d like to share?

“Go with your first instinct… your gut feeling. Do what it is you want to do. If you have the power to change things, then change things. If you don’t have the power, then stay determined and persevere.”

Chandler continues sharing the importance of perseverance recalling the time when he was severely injured tearing up his AC joint and MCL and was out for 20 months. But he trained and stuck to it, and was able to play semi-pro football.

What was your Life-Defining Moment?

At first, he didn’t think of a big “hallelujah” moment, but maybe his biggest moment… “When I got invited to the Indianapolis Colts training session… it was a big moment, ‘you know, I could really do this’.”

Since that experience, Chandler felt that he could mentor others if they wanted to pursue professional athletes recalling his up-and-down moments in athletics. Today, he primarily mentors his “little cousin… 21 in school, runs track.” He stresses how he encourages him with positive talk.

What’s your purpose in life?

“To motivate others. There’s so much to help others that we don’t even realize.” He stresses how he’s always looked at ways to help others.

For Chandler, he recognizes his uncle as someone who was big in his life. During Chandler injuries, his uncle was the figure in his life who consistently encouraged him and motivated him to get back into the game.

“Favorite quote: Sweat is pain, leaving the body… as long as you’re working towards something, you’ll be alright.”

What is their strongest motivating factor in life? What is it that not necessarily is a life goal, but when times get tough, what is it that you try to remember and say to yourself to keep you going? (Thanks to Joe, Stranger 12)

“Always say to myself, ‘it can always be worse.’”

Chandler laughs and continues, “usually monologue for 15 minutes after that quote.”

Then adds, “… and a little bit of Wu-Tang Clan always helps.”

So what would you like tomorrow’s Stranger?

“How do you feel about the Presidential debate? Who piques more interest?”

… laughs and adds, “if Trump, WHY?!”

After the handshake.

Great to finally meet Chandler and get to know him. He’s certainly an imposing figure in size, but he’s very open and friendly. I appreciated his candor in sharing his thoughts on beautiful women at the beginning as well as his curiosity about the Presidential race. I’m not sure how that’ll go for tomorrow, but hey, let’s find out!

So meet Chandler. No longer a Stranger.

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