Stranger 18, Day 18 – Meet Katherine, the “Communicator”

Stranger 18, Day 18 - Meet Katherine

Today’s Stranger is actually a “pseudo-Stranger”. I met her a while ago while crossing the street. She was with a mutual friend. After we met, I spoke to her about possible contract work, but it didn’t work. We’re taking another stab at it, but the opportunity to get to know her was also too good to pass up. Luckily, she was open to being a relative Stranger given we didn’t know each other on a personal level.

Meet Katherine, 33

Who are you?

Katherine’s laughing already. I think she’s partially nervous, but also a lot excited about this. It’s definitely not something she’s used to.

She asks me, “professionally or personally?” I, of course, shrug my shoulders. I’d rather her lead me.

“I am a 32-year-old. Engaged. Communications professional. From Florida. Transplant to Atlanta 2008. Very social person, but I also like my downtime.”

What are your passions? What are your dreams?

“My business since the new year… I became an entrepreneur myself. It’s a passion. To provide senior-level communications support to developing businesses, growing businesses. Worked with a lot of big ones before, but now I want to help all the other guys get big. I’m really passionate about my friends and family. I’m the constant party-hoster. So I always throw the annual holiday party. I throw every baby, bachelorette, and bridal shower for all of my friends.”

Katherine adds, “so I’m passionate about the people I love.”

What’s the key ingredient to a great party?

“The people!” Right. I’d be surprised if she answered in any other way. However, she did share…

“Of course, great themes and costumes don’t hurt.”

What’s been one of your favorite themed parties so far?

“I threw a baby shower for my best friends last year. They love Star Wars, so their baby (10-months-old now, named Lucas — named after Luke Skywalker?) had a Star Wars themed baby shower. There was Luke Skywater for the water… photo booth with the different characters. It was really cool. The whole Star Wars theme.”

“… and they liked it a lot, too.” she added. I wouldn’t have doubted. It’s Star Wars with babies!

What’s been one of your biggest life regrets?

She took some time to answer this one — thinking.

Katherine sighed, “I don’t want to sound so cliche, but I do think that you shouldn’t regret anything because every single thing that has happened to you has brought you to exactly who you are. So I can’t think of a regret because even if it was a hard thing or a bad thing, I’ve always grown from it.”

What’s been a Life-Defining Moment for you?

“Choosing to be an entrepreneur. It really was.”

She mentioned she was going to be “cheesy” here.

“I’m a Cancer. So Cancer’s are known for stability and consistency… all those things. I’m very much that way, and against that nature, I knew that this was my calling. I knew that I wanted to do this. It wasn’t something that I thought about a really long time, but it was maybe a couple months. I said, ‘yeah, that’s what I want to do’. So the first couple months, I was, ‘yeah, I’m really doing this!’ Many of my family and friends were surprised, not because they didn’t think I could. But I usually take the safe track, the predictable track. But I think they were even more proud of me because of that.”

What’s a Life Lesson you’d like to share?

“There’s no wrong turn.”

What is something that you love or admire about yourself?

“My strength,” Katherine states confidently.

“… my persistence and strength… as an entrepreneur and in life, in general… I think the entrepreneurial path follows life. There are ups and downs. Sometimes you get the lead and the sale, and sometimes you don’t. I think you have to have a lot of strength to carry on and know what you’re worth and what you can do. In life and professionally, that’s something that I’ve, with time, found, and what I’m most proud of.”

Was there a time when this AHA! moment came to you that you had the strength to go it alone?

“Something doesn’t develop out of nowhere. It’s always in you, right?” Katherine responds at first.

She then adds, “I’ve had moments of it. I had self-doubt at times, but it’s been in this year that it really solidified, and I said, ‘yeah, I’m doing what I need to do, and I’m not going to doubt myself.’ So probably this past spring… just a few months into my entrepreneur adventure.”

What was great about Katherine’s response was that she had this realization only AFTER making the jump into entrepreneurship.

“They say to lean into the discomfort. It’s not an easy thing. You know, you have to trust in yourself. You’re the only one looking out for yourself. It’s where you test your limits. I really think everyone should do it at some point in their life. That’s why I love working with entrepreneurs — because I know exactly what it takes.”

What is everyone’s fascination with pumpkin-spiced lattes and pumpkin beers? (Thanks to Jennifer, Stranger 17)

Katherine is laughing pretty hysterically at this.

“Oh man, I used to be so addicted to those things!”

“I think it’s like anything… when something is there all the time, and they can’t have it everyday, it’s something special. Add to it that pumpkin’s just awesome…! I think the hype and people get excited that they better get it while they can.”

What would you like to ask tomorrow’s Stranger?

“What did you dream about last night?”

After the handshake.

I like Katherine’s energy and her confidence. She’s certainly got a lot of enthusiasm for her entrepreneurial endeavor, and she’s got some good hard skills in marketing and communications to enhance her abilities.

An illustration of her playfulness and confidence — she was worried about her picture. I took several of them to see which one she’d like, and she ended up picking an image that had the most wind causing her hair to blow across her face. It’s somewhat silly, and is a great reflection of her fun personality.

So meet Katherine. No longer a Stranger.

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