Stranger 28, Day 28 – Meet Sarah, the “Olympic Boxing Hopeful”

Stranger 28, Day 28 - Meet Sarah

As I was leaving the office today, I was stopped in my tracks by a “hey!” A gentleman in the parking deck asked if I had jumper cables to help a woman on her motorcycle. I kind of lit up inside — I’ve been wanting to help someone jump his/ her car (or motorcycle) for a while. I ended up getting these cables when I helped jump a friend’s car. I was actually really excited about buying the cables because I had wanted to get them to help others on the road or in situations like this, but I never stopped to get the cables. My friend’s situation just “forced” me to. So here was the first chance I got to help a Stranger, and I was so excited to do so. And yes, the stranded motorcyclist turned out to be my Stranger for today.

Meet Sarah, 36

Who are you?

“I am… that’s a funny question…”

“I’m a mom. I’m a boxer. I’m a biker. I’m an artist every now and then. And I’m an insurance agent.”

What would you say are your passions?

“Boxing and creativity are my passions.”

Do you have any Dreams? If so, what are they?

“I really would love to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in boxing. I really would love to spend my days helping people accomplish their goals.”

How are you doing that right now?

“Right now, I help small businesses do branding and marketing and figure out how to grow. I build websites. I do fun stuff like that to help other people build their goals.”

What’s a Life Lesson you want to share?

“The biggest Life Lesson I’ve learned has come from boxing. It’s not really about how hard you get hit or what happens. It’s about what you do afterwards. Do you get back up? Do you cry about it? What do you do next?”

She mentioned how she had “been through some stuff. You just keep fighting.”

How did you get into boxing?

“Divorce.” I asked if she boxed him out. She laughed and said, “No, no.” 🙂

“My ex ran a basketball organization. When we split, I was like a gym-rat without a gym. I just needed a new gym, and it just became a new sport.”

Sarah’s been boxing for 2.5 years.

How do you feel about your life choices? If you could have the life that you want, what would that be? (Thanks to Brooke, Stranger 27)

“Brooke, I feel like all of my life choices are what make me who I am now. So where if some of them were really stupid, I don’t really regret them. If I could live that I want to live now, the only thing I’d change is I don’t get to see my kids everyday. That’s it! Everything else, though… for me, rolling out of bed is pretty amazing.”

What would you like to ask tomorrow’s Stranger?

“I’m always curious why people do what they do — what motivates them. Whatever it is they love to do, I would love to know the backstory of why did they get involved in that. What’s the driving force?”

After the handshake.

So this was actually a pretty short meet. I felt like she had somewhere to go, and so I didn’t want to hold her up. I was happy to help her, and was thrilled she would be Stranger 28. And no, I don’t think she agreed just because I was helping her out. In fact, she works for the same company that I’ve already spoken to THREE others already! Sure, we’re in the same building, but Sarah and the last Stranger from the company I interviewed… I met on a different floor in different circumstances. There’s a building of 1000 people, and I somehow run into Sarah and the others. Ha. But she pointed out how that the world really is much smaller than we think. Totally agree.

This was a brief meet, but it came with helping a Stranger. How great is that? I was so excited to help her out and use my jumper cables that I took a picture of the jumper cables and sent them to my friend. Ahh, good day!

So help a Stranger. Say hello. And meet Sarah. No longer a Stranger.

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