Stranger 29, Day 29 – Meet 3 Friends, “Hulk, Fashion Designer, Teleporter”

Stranger 29, Day 29 - Meet 3 Friends

Today’s meet was shorter in the number of questions, but I was more interested in having a group of friends who hiked up to the top of Stone Mountain. I’ve been interested in meeting groups of friends or even couples, and this morning provided a great opportunity. As I looked around the cloudy summit this morning, I saw a group of three friends laughing and doing push-ups together. Perfect.

Meet Tunde, 27, Tabitha, 28, John, 30

Who are you?

John: “If you were playing a video game, and I was scrolling through characters, what would your bio say?”

Tunde: “I’m the hulk… hmm, who am I? I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that out.”

Tabitha: “I am…” she’s laughing a good bit right now. “I am a…”

John jumps in: “… full of life. I just met her this morning. She’s great.”

Tabitha: “I am a… God-fearing business woman trying to leave my mark on the world. It sounds cliche, but I want to change at least one person’s life before I leave the earth. That’s who I am. That’ my main goal.”

John: “I guess I could piggyback on what Tabitha said. It’s not cliche… the world could use a lot more people who want to help other people. And I want to the same thing.”

How’d you guys meet?

John: “Our mutual friend — the Hulk!”

Tabitha: “Went to college with the Hulk!”

Yesterday, Sarah wanted to ask you what motivates you? Whatever it is that you love to do, what’s the driving force? (Thanks to Sarah, Stranger 28)

Tunde: “To go back to your question to who I am… kind of like what Tabitha said, I’m God-fearing. This is a man who is trying to change people as far as outlook on fitness, life… a day at a time, and try to make sure they better themselves. That’s what really drives me — just to see the change in them because when they actually change, you can see the joy and the happiness. That’s what drives me, to be honest.”

I asked Tunde if there was a reason why: “Well, it started off when I got into a car accident a couple years. When that happened, just how I felt being at home by myself and not being able to move.” At this point, John mentioned to Tabitha that he didn’t know about Tunde’s car accident.

Tunde continues, “It wasn’t easy, so I can only imagine when other people feel that they can’t really do things on their own. Just to see that change… it was… it was life-changing for me. It opened my eyes to see things in a different light. That’s kind of why I want to push people to do the same.”

“I didn’t think I was going to live from it. It was really tough.”

It was nice to hear Tunde share this Life-Defining Moment without having to ask the question explicitly.

Tabitha: “I am a fashion-designer. Christianity is a very big part of my life. My father named me after a seamstress in the Bible. When I was going to college, so it all clicked for me — this is exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Not only because I could do it, I enjoy doing it. I love doing it. I’m very big on purpose. I think things haven’t gone the way they should, or the way I thought they should have, or they have gone differently or better for me in that particular area… because that’s exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I feel like the stuff I make… changes peoples lives! I know it sounds crazy, but it really does. To make a woman feel beautiful about what she’s wearing. To feel beautiful in her own skin. That’s amazing. Who could ask for a better job? That’s why I do it. I really want to make someone’s life better. If I can do that through clothing… my business is philanthropic based, so if I can do that through the money my clothing generates or whatever, then… by any means necessary.”

I had to take second and ask Tabitha a personal tip for me… What’s the number 1 fashion tip for guys?

Tabitha: “Number 1 fashion tip… is… less is more. Less is more.” She then explains about how outrageous some styles are describing some guys “peacocking”.

She continues, “… and be yourself. Fashion is nothing is you’re not comfortable.”

Then, Tunde jumps in: “How about the fit of clothes?”

Tabitha excitedly exclaims, “YES! Tailor everything! Clothes are meant to be altered.”

I’m laughing, and then need to shift gears back to John.

Back to John!

“I’m going to piggyback on what they both said. That was all my answers so far.” We laugh.

“I guess what drives people is ambition, or lack thereof.” I ask him what he loves doing. He thinks about this.

“At the moment, bettering myself. Kind of what Tunde said, you could build up your body. You can be proud about it because it’s something you had to work for. It’s not something you can buy. It’s not something anybody can take away from you. It shows discipline. Shows motivation. Shows ambition. Shows respect for yourself. It says a lot. A picture’s worth a million words — if you have a great physique, it says a lot about you. The other half is who you are as a person, and how you act… your image will only take you so far.”

Tabitha jumps in pointing out that even if you look good, if you’re not “good” on the inside, it doesn’t matter.

“The inside and the outside both matter.”

What makes a great friendship?

Tunde: “Honesty.”

Tabitha: “Brutal honesty. If you really are someone’s friend, you know what they can handle, and you know how to deliver that.”

Tabitha adds, “…and trust!”

John: “going through the growing pains, that’s when you grow a better bond.”

What’s a question you’d like to ask tomorrow’s Stranger?

Tunde: “What wakes you up?”

Tabitha: “I want to know if you could be a superhero, what would your superpower be?”

John: “Teleport!” I ask John what question he’d like to ask, but he didn’t have one then.

After the handshakes.

It was pretty cold this morning, and I didn’t want to hold up these three friends who were doing push-ups around the top of Stone Mountain, so this was definitely a shorter meet. It was great, though. I enjoyed getting to know the three of them. They had great energy about them and real camaraderie despite Tabitha and John having just met. However, that’s what happens, isn’t it? When you have friends of friends, their short degrees of separation means the friends will likely get along, too. It was fun to watch these three interact with one another and how they joked and interjected themselves while another was answering.

So meet these three friends — Tunde, Tabitha, and John. No longer Strangers.

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