Stranger 30, Day 30 – Meet Margaret, the “Role Model”

Stranger 30, Day 30 - Meet Margaret

I ventured to the Brookhaven Arts Festival today for a moment to check out the local art scene. It was vibrant with artists, vendors, live music, and general community. I ran into a friend at one of the tents, and she introduced me to today’s Stranger. Perhaps because of the festival, she was a little skeptical of my project. Okay, probably not just the festival as most Strangers tend to be a little skeptical at first.

In any case, today’s Stranger was young, energetic, and very happy. In fact, “happy” is probably the best word for her, and I got the sense she could light up a room at anytime.

Meet Margaret, 23

Who are you?

“I’m a Margaret! I moved to Atlanta about a year and a half ago after graduating from school. I went to school in Florida. So moved up here without a job, without friends… just needed new. I fell in love. I’m never leaving!”

What made you move to Atlanta?

“I grew up in Orlando, and went to Florida Grove Coast University — they’re known for their basketball team. I just wanted something new, and I had a bunch of cities in mind. Atlanta just happened first.”

Margaret shared with me how she was looking for roommates and two roommates happened to be in Atlanta. Let’s call that serendipity.

What helped you develop friends and your network now?

“It was really hard when I first came because I wasn’t in class with people anymore so I had to go out. I tried joining a church, and met a couple friends through that. I then got involved with something called Young Life — ministry for high schoolers. I met my best friends through that — they’re all leaders like me.”

She mentioned how she’s also met great friends from her work in the real estate industry.

What’s a Life Lesson you’d like to share with someone who moves some place new?

“It’s going to be hard at first and you’re not going to have friends, and you’re going to cry when you can’t find Publix because it’s hard!” She smiles as she describes this.

“But you’ll find where you fit, and don’t give up because you moved there for a reason.”

What’s your favorite part of Atlanta?

“I live around the Highlands area, so really close. I love it. I love how I can walk everywhere — parks, restaurants, bars, everything. Everyone here’s just welcoming and friendly, so it’s been good.”

What are your passions? Do you have any Dreams? If so, what are they?

“I love people, and since I’ve been involved in Young Life, I’ve come to love girls younger than me. I just want to be a great role model for others because I had that growing up. I’ve seen what it looks like when you don’t have that growing up. I think my passion is to encourage young women to go out and do their best and fight for what they deserve.”

What’s another piece of advice to give to young women?

She mentions how she feels she’s echoing herself, but I feel that it just aligns to what she believes in. “Don’t be afraid to go after what you want, even if someone’s better or you think someone is a better fit for it. If you want, you can get it.”

What wakes you up? (Thanks to Tunde, Stranger 29)

She’s wondering if Tunde was asking more explicitly — I can see, “alarm clock?” running in her head.

“Well, literally, coffee gets me up,” she laughs.

“Hmm… I think I’m just excited for what I’m doing now permanently in Atlanta. I’m excited to go to work which I feel like for a lot it’s not normal. Just knowing I have exciting things happening during mid-day gets me out of bed.” She’s laughing and smiling big thinking about this.

I ask her a side question. As she’s in real estate, I ask her what her favorite part of a home.

Though she’s more in marketing of homes, she mentions, “the humongous white tubs — they’re just sitting there on the floor. The pretty tiles I just love. I feel like the master bedroom is where I go to first, and then after that is the closest. I’m dreaming! Dreaming one day…!”

If you were superhero, what would your power be? (Thanks to Tabitha, Stranger 29)

“I think I’d like to read people’s minds. I think I would like to know what people are thinking instantly. Get past all the kind of fluff and know exactly what’s going on.”

What would you like to ask tomorrow’s Stranger?

“When was the last time you were truly happy? What was it that made you happy?”

After the handshake.

Like I said before, Margaret is an extremely happy person. As we talked, she was all smiles, all the time. I admit I was a little more curious about the comments about cutting through the fluff with mind-reading super powers. Perhaps she’s like me — wanting to get to the truth of things/ people.

In any case, she was full of life as we talked even amidst a busy festival. The picture posted of her was actually a candid that she didn’t know I took until later. She posed for a couple, but she was happy to use this one, and I like this, too, because it’s… well, a candid, and it showcases her exuberant personality.

I’m happy our mutual friend introduced as Margaret was indeed a fantastic Stranger to meet. Plus, she loves Atlanta a little like I do. 🙂

Meet Margaret. No longer a Stranger.

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