Rules of Engagement

So who’s a Stranger? Who do I talk to? Where? How do I choose them?

  • Anyone who I don’t know anything about, or I just know a name. Nothing more (other than the obvious if they work somewhere, gender, etc.).
  • I won’t go anywhere so far out to meet a Stranger. We have so many Strangers in our daily lives. I can stick to my typical flow, and meet people I see all the time, but know nothing about other than a face.
  • The Stranger must not have read a Stranger post before — it keeps the conversation spontaneous and fresh.
  • The Stranger must be open to a picture. This helps drive authenticity, and shows that the “everyday” person. Doesn’t matter if by picture time the person does a yoga pose or whatever pose that actually hides the face. The person must be open to the picture from the beginning, and then, the pose can happen any way s/he wants.
  • I “randomly” pick the Stranger. Can be at a coffee shop or the top of a mountain. I can wait hours in the same spot, and will pick whoever I choose. I try to be diverse, and even if the person “looks” like s/he will reject me, I try. I want to trust the Stranger will allow me to ask the question.
  • I have a “bank” of questions that I will draw from that reside largely in my head. I don’t ask the same questions, but hope my meeting with the Stranger will help draw the right questions.
  • There’s just about no rules for the pose for the picture, nor is there a rule for what the Stranger can ask tomorrow’s Stranger. I’ll play moderator, as needed.
  • No real format to how I post details from the meeting, but I hope it’s in a way that reflects our meeting, the Stranger, and what allows readers to best experience the meeting.
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