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Today’s Day 69. I’ve already met today’s Stranger — TK. I asked him a new question that I hadn’t ever asked before that was kind of an interesting one. In fact, I thought of this while sitting down with Carling, Stranger 22, this morning — “Who are you not?”

I pretty much ask every Stranger “Who are you?” Perhaps just as interesting is considering who someone is not based on who they are and what they do.

Consider what you do or who you are today. Why and how are you not really that person? Like the “who are you” question, the person being asked can put him/ herself on whatever path they want. This is similar to a question I’ve asked before, “what is a common misperception about you?”

For me, I interpret this question as what others may think of me and, more importantly, why I am not someone I can see myself as. So who am I not? I am not a workaholic. This probably comes up today on Thanksgiving, as I was sitting at Starbucks tip-tapping on my computer (much like I am now). This exact moment last year, I was sitting outside a Starbucks drinking my cup of iced green tea while making revisions to my first manuscript of Postmortem of a Failed Startup.

My holidays are like non-holidays. My weekends are like weekdays. I “work” each and everyday. To the extent how much is a different matter. However, I love what I do. So am I actually at Starbucks “working” all the time? Am I meeting with friends talking about their websites and building their brands all the time, and is that work? Doesn’t that make me a workaholic? I’d say, “no.”

What I do, I do because I love. Sure, there are moments that I work. However, I also spend a lot of days like today, Thanksgiving, writing and perfecting my craft. It’s not work much like I don’t view my leg workout this morning work. Last night I was at yoga. That’s not work. Writing and reading is not work. It’s what I love. It’s like a sport. It’s like my meditation. Striving to improve and challenge myself is my sport, and how I do that is in many ways. For some, what I do may be work. For me, I view it as something so much more… enthralling. I’m doing something so beautifully and innately me. What I do stretches my imagination and creativity. What I do challenges how I did things before.

As I’m typing this, I’m recalling the many times I’ve described my day-to-days to others, and their responses echoed to the familiar — “that sounds exhausting!” I’m smiling and laughing at this right now because some days, yes. But so are my morning workouts — just as my best bud and workout partner would say as I huff and puff after a set. I push myself to the limits because I thrive on that. But it’s a different type of exhausting than working the 90-hour-weeks in a cubicle crunching spreadsheets. (That could be your sport, but it’s not mine.) One of my passions and indeed sports is self-improvement and self-challenges. I strive to be the best… in all the things that matter to me.

To me, it’s all game, and I want to have fun. I want to win — which is to be better than I was yesterday.

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  1. Carling
    Carling says:

    Woo hoo! Love this! I think this is a great question to ask yourself periodically to help you align your life. “Who am I not?” And then if you’re doing things in your life that match up with that answer, what changes can you make to sure you’re living in alignment? Very thought provoking. Thank You Daryl!


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