Latest Rejections, (Re-)Meeting Former Strangers, and Last 14 Days

It’s been a while since I shared some of the thoughts flowing freely in my head, so let today be the great day I share. Plus, there are only two weeks left on this journey — about as good a time as any.

Updated Rejections… by the Numbers

Alright, so here’s an update on the rejections so far. I’ve been loosely tracking these, so this is +/- 2 with a 83% confidence level. (I just made that up. Kind of.)

  • No time/ in a hurry: 8 times
  • Did not want picture taken/ shared: 8
  • Disinterested: 7

That’s not too bad, right? I mean, including today’s Stranger 86 + the total rejected (23), that’s a 78.90% acceptance rate. When I started, I didn’t have really have expectations of what this number would be. Thinking hard, close to 80% seems pretty darn good.

Nice to Meet You! …Again!

So today, I saw… a bunch of former Strangers. I run into some of the (former) Strangers a lot. Some, I’ve actually become good friends with. That’s pretty cool. One former Stranger today, shared with me feedback from our meet, and feedback he received from sharing his story. It was fascinating, and also, in line to some of what I’ve shared previously.

  • His girlfriend commented to him that she didn’t know he was so smart. I was intrigued by this because I got this from just a few minutes of talking to him. Maybe she’s that smart. He then let on how he doesn’t always share some of the passions he has, and the literature he reads. He didn’t believe that she would appreciate this so much, but he does share in her passions. I thought that was interesting, too. Though, I’m not surprised because he’s a great guy, and seems to align to his partner’s interests. However, I encourage him to share more of his with her.
  • His friends didn’t know much about his passions. They were surprised by his depth. He commented how he often kept things pretty “high level” or at the surface. Much like his girlfriend, he didn’t feel they would appreciate this (maybe even not understand his passions). I, again, encouraged him to let them make their own decisions, not he make decisions for them. Being vulnerable means handing over the keys and trusting the other will, at least, respect who we are, if not share in the passions we have. The bond that’s formed by opening up more is a powerful one, and you don’t get that without creating a deeper connection.
  • You can’t always be so open and talk about “deep” things all the time. As much as I love a good talk, high-level “superficial” stuff is great banter and keeps conversations light. Not every conversation needs to get so deep like I go with the Strangers. That’s important. Let others in and be vulnerable, but don’t go deep every time. That’d be like always sprinting whenever you put your running shoes on. Maybe you want to jog. Maybe you’re just walking around the grocery store.

Our brief talk today covered this bit, but it also re-triggered a comment I’ve been receiving a lot. That is, what about friends? To this former Stranger, his friends didn’t even know his passions, or how much he loved to challenge himself intellectually. In my case, I have a lot of people (friends included, but not all) asking me to do a friends version. It makes sense I don’t know the driving forces of many of my friends. Though, I try to ask deeper questions. So, maybe…

Otherwise, I’ve had three other former Strangers reach out in the last 48 hours with a lot of excitement about not only their stories, but also how their stories were received by others. Much like the former Stranger above, these three shared so much excitement about how great it was to think about these questions. They were happy to have shared their passions. They enjoyed reconnecting with friends after posting on social media. This excitement and glow is pretty common, I feel, and it’s truly inspiring me to continue on… which brings me to…

The last 14 days!

Today was Day 86. 86 Strangers, I’ve met and gotten to know. Wow. The first 50 took a while to get to, I feel. However, the last 36 have been flying by. It’s been something amazing and radical to be a part of.

I’m real curious what happens with the next 14 days because I won’t be in the office as much — which has been a great source of Strangers. I run into so many Strangers with familiar faces. Meanwhile, Christmas may be a tricky day to find a Stranger depending on what’s open and who I can run into.

On that point, I’ve been speaking to several friends about this recently — I’m really not fazed to talk to someone, even a complete Stranger now. I’ve found that confidence where “hey, this is a cool project, and I want you to be a part of it” just rolls off the tongue. (No, that’s not really what I say, but I’m paraphrasing.) It’s fascinating to me because I really am not worried as I walk up to complete Strangers… even groups of people. Maybe it’s the responses and feedback the former-Strangers are sharing with me that is instilling in me this drive and confidence. Their enthusiasm and interest (like the former Stranger above) is enough for me to run on. This energy shows me how this journey will resonate with the right people — the people I’m interested in attracting and inspiring.

So let’s see how the rest of this journey goes, and let’s see where this heads next. Or rather, where I head off to next. Before that happens, I’ll just keep meeting people. One Stranger and One Day at a time.

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