More Than 80% Say YES! And what happens at 100+1?

2 Strangers, 2 Days Left

Just wrote today’s Stranger post — Meet Lindsey, Stranger 98. I’m heading into the Christmas weekend with TWO Strangers, Days left! What a journey it’s been so far. *sighing out on this one*

Updated Rejections… by the Numbers

  • No time/ in a hurry: 8 times
  • Did not want picture taken/ shared: 8
  • Disinterested: 8

Since I posted last about the rejections (from Day 86), I’ve only been turned down once more. That’s improved my acceptance rate to 98 / (98 + 24) = 80.33%! Okay, it didn’t really move the needle, but that’s okay.

Day 100… + 1?

Like I said, I’ve got 2 Strangers, 2 Days left. I’m fielding a lot of questions of what’s next. My answer = I don’t know.

I’m thinking about Kevin’s thoughts on goals and what happens once you reach that goal (Kevin, the “Family Man” – Stranger 62). Yes, I’m about to hit this mark, and I don’t know what to do next. Except, I do. So, maybe I lied a little. I know I’m going to take a few days off to breathe a moment.

This journey has been incredibly fun, but it’s also added a hefty hour/ hour and a half of extra “stuff” to do each day. It’s forced me to go outside everyday. Not a bad thing, but also, I never just chill. I don’t normally do that, but it’s a totally different feeling when you know you can’t because you have a goal to achieve.

I’d like to take a few days to gather my thoughts on this journey. Luckily, I’ve been gathering these thoughts with non-Stranger stories like this one. However, I want to take a few days (week?) to just let it all marinate in my mind. It’ll do me some good. I’d like to actually proofread the Stories, too, which I haven’t done for 70% of the Stories. I may then take little blurbs and quotes from each Story, and share to grow this audience.

Beyond that, who knows? Maybe I’ll organize my thoughts into my next book. Maybe I’ll organize my thoughts and piece together a talk, and submit to TED. I know some people who run TED locally, so that’s another route. Maybe… just maybe… I’ll keep going with another effort but approach friends (who have been asking me to do so — A LOT). Maybe I’ll put together a program for others to try their own journey to meet Strangers. Maybe I’ll do video meets/ introductions! Maybe I’ll do all of that!

What do you think? What would you like to see?

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